Terms of Use §1 Before signing up on My Free Farm, users need to agree to the Terms of Use.

§2 My Free Farm enables its users to communicate amongst each other. They are solely responsible for the content both in written form as well as in the form of images. Publishing of any pornographic, racist, insulting or illegal content may result in an instantaneous account deletion. The same applies to any other behavior that can be considered as abusive or as misuse of the game's features.
§3 No user has a claim to use My Free Farm. The provider reserves the right to deny access to users or delete users, should they violate the terms of use.
§4 Cheating:
(1) Each user undertakes to use only account per server. So-called multi accounts are not allowed.
(2) Any gifts, credits or deals resulting in an excessive advantage within the game are illegal, the respective depleting of one account to the advantage of another shall be punished with immediate deletion.
(3) Particularly beneficial conditions between accounts, most notably conditions favoring one side only, shall be strictly controlled.
(4) Any bugs or errors are to be reported immediately and shall not be misused for the user's own or other users' purposes.
(5) Gaps or leeways in the game's system that may lead to the increase of in-game capital not intended by the operator and that are not specifically listed, but may be anyway exploited to allow unfair playing and advantages within the game, are not to be used. Any disregard of this clause may lead to an immediate account-deletion. §5 Usage of bots that automate game activities or any other tools with an extreme impact on the game are strictly prohibited.
§6 My Free Farm assumes no liability for possible damages caused to users. There is no claim for damages.
§7 The game membership may be terminated at any moment by account deletion.
§8 The administrators' and moderators' instructions are to be observed and adhered to.
§9 Virtual items may not be exchanged, purchased or sold in exchange for real money.
§10 Should any of the paragraphs herein be invalid, the other paragraphs shall remain in full force and effect.