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My Free Farm – What makes farmer games so great

With My Free Farm, game developers Upjers have landed a true hit. Every day, millions of players are tending to their virtual farms, feed their cows, sheep, and bees, and harvest their farm’s produce in the browser game My Free Farm – a game that’s both fun and captivating!

My Free Farm

The fans of farmer games

My Free Farm ranks amongst the top farmer games – as popular representative of the genre, the farm game has grown a huge fan base.

"Creative and amazing graphics"

This comment sums up the game testers’ first impressions of our farmer game. The game’s colorful graphics are merely the fun wrapping of My Free Farm.

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My Free Farm put to the test

The release of My Free Farm has been accompanied by the standard tests and reviews, which are generally conducted by various gaming platforms. Those who aren’t yet convinced by a game’s popularity amongst the diverse user communities can use the reviews posted on gaming websites, to receive a more objective impression of potentially top browser games. Needless to say, My Free Farm has passed these tests with flying colors.

Top reviews by users

Players tend to contact developers only in case of problems. That’s why we’re especially happy we were able to create a platform on Facebook, on which die-hard fans leave post their praise on a daily base. Under the "reviews" of MyFreeFarm’s page, tons of top scores can be found.

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Free online games by Upjers

Diving into imaginative worlds apart – entirely for free! Upjers games offer you this unique experience. The Bamberg-based company has been producing browser games since 2006, amongst them farmer games like My Free Farm. All over the world, millions of users are playing browser games made in Bamberg.

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