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My Free Farm - internet games in the countryside

Bleating sheep, clucking chicken, it´s simply a joy. The funny browser game My Free Farm lets players run their own farm. With every level-up, they will discover new features and master exciting challenges. Experience a unique browser game! Do you also know the zoo game My Free Zoo?

My Free Farm

New features for online players

My Free Farm offers a bunch of new features which have never before been seen in internet games.

Intuitive gaming experience

My Free Farm skillfully adapts tried and trusted ideas for internet games, and thus makes it easier for experienced players to get started.

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Your own internet farm

My Free Farm was developed with the idea of a browser-based economy simulation set on a farm in mind. Up until then, internet games had been reduced to the crunching of numbers, or action. The multifaceted and challenging day-to-day life of a farmer makes the web come alive with colorful graphics and atmospheric sounds. Internet games such as MyFreeFarm reward users with visual feedback for almost anything they do.

A beastly fun internet game

Needless to say, an internet gamer also tends to the animals on their farm. Once the stable is built and the cash flows, additional cows, or sheep are not a problem. Keep in mind to have always have a good stock of the required fodder plants. It’s details such as these that set My Free Farm different apart from other internet games.

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Play for free with Upjers

Game developers Upjers have been developing browser games since 2006. The funny online games require only a browser to be played – no downloads or installations necessary. On top of that, browser games enable thousands of players to interact.

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