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My Free Farm – play online on the farm

In the fun browser game My Free Farm, players are able to explore the fascinating world of rural life. They run their own farm, plant vegetables and fruit, tend to animals, and communicate with other players: gaming fun guaranteed.

My Free Farm

The online tutorial offers help

Players new to the field of online games should pay close attention to My Free Farm’s tutorial. A friendly helper will teach them the first steps.

Additional help while playing

The menu point “help” can always be accessed while playing online and explains important parts of the game.

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How to play the game

My Free Farm is almost exclusively played via mouse-control. Every problem can be solved with an easy click. Just move your cursor on the object you wish to use when playing online, to pick it up. Different objects will behave differently, but in case of doubt, trying out a few different methods will increase a player’s understanding of the game’s controls while playing online.

Additional content while playing online

Players who have familiarized themselves with My Free Farm after having playing online extensively, will be able to unlock further optional content with Coins, and thus will gain access to additional features and amenities. Among others, Coins can also be purchased on the market place.

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  • Play for free or pay to unlock extras, fun for everyone!
  • Discover the challenging gameplay of My Free Farm!

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