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My Free Farm – The fascination of online games

Sowing, watering, harvesting –these are the activities players start out with when beginning to play the entertaining browser game My Free Farm. Players run their own farm, sows, harvests and breeds different animals in this farm simulation. Pure gaming fun, enthralling millions of people. Play along!

My Free Farm

Free online games

They are popular with the young and the young-at-heart alike:online games such as My Free Farm. Free and fun browser games are awaiting you!

Online together!

You are never alone in the world of online games. It’s your fellow players after all, that make playing games such as My Free Farm such a unique experience.

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Playing online unites

Despite today’s dependence on the internet, features that allow players to interact are not available on all online games. Most browser-based games exclusively focus on single-player experiences. Your farm’s fate may be resting in your own hands on My Free Farm, but getting in touch with other online gamers is not a problem either. And now worries: you’ll be sure to find good neighbors soon!

Online game experiences for all tastes

Whether they want to make use of the multiplayer features the online hit My Free Farm offers, is up to each user. One thing is certain: the farm simulation offers its players a good dose of fun, while the lively community spices up the tasty mix.

  • Farmers unite on our online portal!
  • Join a strong community!
  • Play online games with your friends on!

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Upjers – experience free games

Games are the big passion of Bamberg-based developers Upjers. The German game producers have been developing browser games since 2006. Browser games are free online games, playable in a browser; downloads or installations are not required.

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